NOTE: Science Pirates (first released in 2008) is currently being updated for newer operating systems. Watch a video about the game, which was used with middle school students to help them learn about forming and testing science hypotheses.

Songs from Science Pirates are available on YouTube and NMSU's iTunes U.


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Explore the Misery and the Isle of Misfortune

All the pirates on the pirate ship Misery are suffering from the Curse of Captain Brownbeard. Search the ship and the Isle of Misery for clues to the mystery, and search for the pieces of the map to Brownbeard's secret lair.

Super Tiki Monkey Temple

Explore the ruined temple of the angry monkey god. Help your pet monkey collect coins and gems as you work your way through crumbling chambers and dimly-lit corridors. Can you get the temple to give up its secrets?

Powder Monkey

The sea monsters in the grottos under the island can only be killed with a special type of cannonball. Experiment on the small sea monsters to find it, and then take on the sea monster Queens in a ferocious, cannon-blazing fight to the finish!

Dead Men Do Tell Tales

The restless ghosts of Brownbeard's first crew are cursed to linger on in undeath on the Isle of Misery, thirsting for revenge upon their former captain. If you can brave their spooky caverns, they will tell you the secret to breaking the curse of Brownbeard. But first, you'll have to convince them that you're the "chosen one" who will free them from their mortal bonds.

Breaking the Curse

The key to breaking the curse of Captain Brownbeard lies in dispelling the fear and misinformation he has spread about his power. Perform an experiment to show the superstitious pirates that the "sickness in their bowels" is not supernatural at all.